Mobile Payment Security & Merchant Point-of-Sale Updates

As we ready WingCash’s presentation for FinovateFall next week in New York City, Apple Pay has taken over the mobile payments news cycle. We’ll have some more direct comments coming in the following weeks, but for now we’d like to discuss a couple of points from Top Tech News: Will Apple’s Digital Wallet Kill the Card Swipe? (

The main pain points for Apple Pay adoption that Mae Anderson mentioned in the article were, “The company and other digital wallet providers must convince shoppers that the transactions are safe…Meanwhile, the company must also make a case to retailers that it’s worth it for them to invest in new point-of-sale systems.”

Security and Point-of-Sale system updates/upgrades are huge issues, as they should be. WingCash has addressed both:


On the WingCash system, cash is secured in the wallet by representing, electronically anchoring, and encrypting value securely with an immutable and publically verifiable denomination and access address. WingCash complies with PCI security measures and also uses tokenization technology when storing payment card information in the wallet.  Merchants do not receive card data in transactions that involve a card that is attached to the WingCash wallet. To minimize the threat of identity theft, the wallet stores a minimum level of personal information.

WingCash also uses a push-based system, where money is “pushed” by the consumer out of the wallet; it is not “pulled” from the wallet by another entity, offering consumers more security and control. Cash transfers are irreversible, immediate and have no transfer fees for either the merchant or the consumer.

Point-of-Sale Systems:

WingCash integrates smoothly with existing point-of-sale systems. Since no NFC (near-field communication) technology is necessary with WingCash, merchants can sign up now for free and without needing to spend hundreds of dollars and hours of worker training for a new system.

Find out more at, and stay tuned next week as we blog from New York & FinovateFall 2014!

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Federal Reserve Bank Releases New Cash Study

WingCash has heard some great stats about CASH lately. As noted in ATM Marketplace, the June Federal Reserve Bank study, “Consumer Preferences and the Use of Cash,” revealed that, “Despite an explosion in card payments and an increasing affinity for card use, the Federal Reserve study revealed that cash transactions still outnumber debit and credit transactions combined.”

We love that! Cash is still King and WingCash is more relevant than ever!

Also, “The highest use of cash falls in the categories of food and personal care supplies, and gifts and transfers to people…The continued high use of cash in these categories validates the need for an ATM in most merchant locations.”

This isn’t complete news to us, but it’s an excellent confirmation of the value of an eWallet that holds digital cash (eCash), allows transfers between consumers, consumer to business (and vice/versa) and business to business, as well as eGift Cash and eBrandCash. WingCash’s technology also simultaneously redeems and collects eRewards Cash.

WingCash does all of the above on a platform accessible on your smart device, either via the website or through the WingCash application. We know that consumers are ready to adopt such technology, especially when it is easy, secure and readily available.

I challenge this…The WingCash perfect world is one where you don’t need physical cash or cards at all. It wouldn’t be great for the ATM industry, admittedly, but finding faster, cleaner, more efficient, more secure and safer ways to transact would be ideal for consumers and most merchants, including financial institutions, who would no longer need to maintain ATM systems.

Here’s a link; let us know what you think:

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